Statement of Faith

We are a Jesus following, Bible believing, ordinarily orthodox gathering of Christians writing about faith, theology, and life.

While we come from various faith backgrounds we are united by several Essential Beliefs:


WE BELIEVE that God is eternally existent in three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and yet identical in nature; all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere present and unchangeable; infinitely perfect in love, truth, righteousness, justice, goodness, grace, and mercy.


WE BELIEVE Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is both fully God and fully man, two natures in one Person. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He performed miracles to manifest His deity, lived a sinless life, suffered, and died as a completely satisfactory sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. He arose from the dead on the third day and His bodily resurrection guarantees the resurrection of all who believe in Him.


WE BELIEVE that God has chosen to reveal himself to humankind through the Bible which is the living, authoritative Word of God. The Bible informs our faith and directs our life as we live in relationship with God.

We also hold in common several distinguishing characterizes that inform our faith and writing:


WE HOLD to traditionally held views of the Christian faith that would best be expressed by the Apostles and Nicene creeds.


WE SEEK to follow Jesus as faithful disciples and consider this to be an everyday and all of life sort of activity. We challenge ourselves to live up to his call as it pertains to the work that we do, and the life that we lead and hope that our words and actions might encourage others in their own walk with their Lord.

Sensing the Presence of God in Everyday Life

WE BELIEVE that God is actively present in the world and as such, we have opportunity to interact with Him even amidst the mundane, run of the mill activities of our daily lives. It fact, God’s presence in the everyday may be one of the most captivating and surprising aspects of our God and a source of great encouragement and joy for our lives.

We also try not to take ourselves too seriously, after all, we are just humans writing about God.

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