Aimee Fritz

Aimee Fritz is a storyteller. She finally believes in an unseen God, hopes to someday feel qualified to parent her three kids, and is now allergic to every food she used to enjoy. Long ago as a consultant, she brought encouragement and tools to companies, churches, and nonprofits desperate for change. Now the organization she desires to serve most is her family. Aimee launched Family Compassion Focus in 2014 to create and collect resources to equip all families, including her own, to become lovable and loving World Changers. She and her daughter just returned from Haiti where they completed their craziest fundraiser yet – doing the Chicken Dance in a Chicken Suit at the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy.

Liz Grennan

Liz is wife to an amazing man, mom to a sweet son and daughter, owner of an old yellow dog, lover of the country of Nepal, member of a strong community church, and corporate lawyer in the tech world. Affirming God’s goodness brings her more joy than she ever thought possible.

Aaron Holzapfel

Aaron Holzapfel is an exile in the city who feels much more at home in the woods, on a mountain, or at a beach. He lives with his beautiful wife, Joanna, in Brookland and can often be found day dreaming as he walks his dog, Lilly, through the neighborhood.

Patrick J

Patrick J. lives in Washington, D.C. and makes coffee sometimes. He is an insufferable fan of Boston sports and his favorite listicle is “The Top Ten Commandments to Follow And Why” by Moses, originally published on stone tablets. You can send cat or hedgehog photos to

Jackie Martinez

Jackie Martinez is a member of the pastoral staff at The Father’s Heart Church in Manhattan and manages volunteers for The Father’s Heart Ministries. A native New Yorker, Jackie still resides in Queens with her husband and four children. When she’s not caring for her congregation or her children she enjoys settling in to watch Netflix with her husband.

Michael Middaugh

Michael Middaugh currently serves as Lead Pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Silver Spring, MD. He comes to the Washington DC area after stops in St. Louis, Chicago, and most recently Minneapolis where he served a small Lutheran church in the city. Michael attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis which is a seminary of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod, after receiving a BA in psychology from Baylor University.

Michael is passionate about urban ministry and the need for healthy, thriving Christian community that can support and care for the broader needs of those living in the city.

Michael is originally from Little Rock, Ark, is married to a wonderful gal from Texas, and is father to two young children, Scarlett and Jude. In his downtime you can find Michael visiting local wineries or rooting for the Baylor Bears.

Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips is a former Southern belle and recovering fundamentalist who was exiled to New York City for five years to think about what she’d done. After a widening of life experience and becoming reacquainted with grace, she now lives in Atlanta with her husband and two young boys, where she practices pediatric dentistry just often enough that it helps pay her Netflix bill and allows time to write her blog (Plans in Pencil) and contribute to her favorite websites (The Wheelhouse Review, Mockingbird, The Body Politic).

Elizabeth Sallie

Elizabeth Sallie delights in iced coffee, the Book of Common Prayer, donuts, and great natural light, which you (definitely) know already if you follow her on instagram. She loves kids in D.C. and wants to see them come to know Jesus and his great love.

Ana Lopez Van Balen

Ana Lopez van Balen is a social worker by training who has spent the last fifteen years focused on supporting the healthy development of individuals, families & communities.  She currently is the National Director of Community Development at Urban Strategies-a national faith-based organization working to tool, connect, and resource grassroots organizations to serve children and families in need. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, both of which are big believers in living locally–knowing your neighbors, supporting your local community and doing everything you can to help make it better place for all.  This means opening up their home to friends and neighbors, participating in the local food-coop and serving on the advisory council of a great local organization called Food For Life!

Juliet Vedral

Juliet is the founder and editor of Perissos. She is the former Director of Outreach for Redeemer Presbyterian Church, a graduate of the Shalem Institute’s Young Adult Life and Leadership Initiative (YALLI), and currently works at a global non-profit organization. Juliet was also the co-founder and co-editor of a literary blog called The Wheelhouse Review and is a contributor to Sojourners, The Body Politic, and the Shalem Institute’s Living Contemplatively blog. A native New Yorker, Juliet now lives in Washington D.C., but you can sometimes find her on Twitter when there’s not much happening on Facebook.

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is pretty good at thinking about theology and pretty terrible at loving God and people. He’s relying on God’s grace to help him get better at both of those things.

After completing a fruitful academic career at Trinity School for Ministry and Geneva College, Greg sought to put into action all of the academic sociology, history, and theology he had learned. This took the form of doing advocacy work in DC while still attempting to do the difficult work of caring for his neighbor.

As you may imagine, this is fairly exhausting, so at home he usually just naps, between baking bread and biking around his beautiful city.

Greg tweets @gwilliamsster and blogs at fourthconfession in addition to this lovely endeavor. Please don’t yell at him too much, but I have it on good authority he’d like it if you said hi.

Rebecca Wineland

Becca spends her days changing diapers, playing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” on the ukulele, and stubbornly pursuing her dream of starting a teen mentoring program. She’s a recent DC transplant with a love for laughter and a passion for prayer.

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