Michael Middaugh

Michael Middaugh currently serves as Lead Pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Silver Spring, MD. He comes to the Washington DC area after stops in St. Louis, Chicago, and most recently Minneapolis where he served a small Lutheran church in the city. Michael attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis which is a seminary of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod, after receiving a BA in psychology from Baylor University. Michael is passionate about urban ministry and the need for healthy, thriving Christian community that can support and care for the broader needs of those living in the city. Michael is originally from Little Rock, Ark, is married to a wonderful gal from Texas, and is father to two young children, Scarlett and Jude. In his downtime you can find Michael visiting local wineries or rooting for the Baylor Bears.

To Know and Be Known

Jesus tells his followers that he came to bring life, and life that is abundant. When traveling down life’s path we are privileged to experience his abundance in many way. We enjoy the beauty of his creation, we are blessed by the people he brings into our lives, we find great joy in experiences and can remember that he is the crafter of all these things. But it is perhaps when we are in need, especially deep need, that his abundance becomes most real, when knowing him is most profound.

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In Search of Perissos

I also think there is one aspect of God’s “perissos” that trumps all others. That is in the exceeding abundance of God’s forgiveness for humankind. Imagine, all the wars, all the violence, all the selfishness and greed, all the cruelty of all the stepmothers, and God still comes to the same conclusion. “I desire to be known by you because I love you, and because I love you I forgive you.” All the evil of all our lives, abundantly forgiven just like that. That is perissos.

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