Juliet Vedral

Juliet is the founder and editor of Perissos. She is the former Director of Outreach for Redeemer Presbyterian Church, a graduate of the Shalem Institute’s Young Adult Life and Leadership Initiative (YALLI) and currently works at a global non-profit organization. Juliet is also a contributor to Sojourners. You can sometimes find her on Twitter when there’s not much happening on Facebook.

The Power of Christ Compels You: A Devotional Guide to The Exorcist

It is well worth remembering that God will make Godself known, often in the unlikeliest of places.

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‘RISEN’ Interrogates Disciples’ Hope, and Ours

What would the world look like if when I proclaim this crazy and insane and beautiful mystery of our faith, I really meant it? What kind of life might I live if this were true?

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