Ana Lopez Van Balen

Ana Lopez van Balen is a social worker by training who has spent the last fifteen years focused on supporting the healthy development of individuals, families & communities. She currently is the National Director of Community Development at Urban Strategies-a national faith-based organization working to tool, connect, and resource grassroots organizations to serve children and families in need. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, both of which are big believers in living locally--knowing your neighbors, supporting your local community and doing everything you can to help make it better place for all. This means opening up their home to friends and neighbors, participating in the local food-coop and serving on the advisory council of a great local organization called Food For Life!​

Making Lemonade

Maybe it was apropos for Beyoncé to call her album Lemonade as a great reminder that life is not a box of chocolates. Life is hard, painful and often unclear but one filled with much complexity and wonder if we surrender it to God.

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Opening Our Eyes to Everyday Miracles

Have we lost our sense of wonder? Have we let the world harden our hearts so much that we are blinded to the miracles happening every day in our life and around us?

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