Alicia Akins

Alicia Akins is a lover of arts, one-on-ones with friends, Asia, al fresco dining, textiles, swing dancing, and Jesus. She often jokes that she's lived multiple lives since she's moved 8 times in 10 years and has held a variety of jobs. She moved to DC in 2014 after a two year stint working at a museum in Southeast Asia. When not at her day job, Alicia can be found exploring street art, FaceTiming with old friends, eating her way through Chinatown, reading commentaries, or pretending to be fit at her gym. In college, Alicia developed a love for ministry and enjoys helping women develop a deep love for the Word and an understanding of how to apply it to their lives. She's had the opportunity to do some of that work abroad. She keeps a blog of her overseas and DC adventures at

When King Became Servant: Empathy in the Incarnation

Jesus contextualized God’s love for humans by embodying it—full stop, total immersion.

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Fleas, Gratitude, and the Hidden Peace of God

Is it worth as much to us to have God’s peace in the midst of trials as it is to have his deliverance?

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